Fracture Repair

This surgery is time sensitive—the longer it takes for it to be repaired the harder surgery is, which increases costs. At some point, your pet’s body may heal too much for reasonable surgical intervention, likely leaving your pet with a permanent disability.

This estimate accounts for bloodwork the day of surgery, anesthesia, the procedure, the implants used, take home pain management along with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication, pre- and post-operative x-rays, and an E-collar. Essentially all standard items necessary on surgery day plus take-home medications.

The estimate does not include follow-up appointments. A general re-check appointment is $10, a re-check with x-rays is $42.50. Medication refills vary in price dependent upon your pet’s weight and post-operative needs.

It’s important that you have a crate at home for your pet after surgery. Patients recovering from a fracture repair need to have strict crate restriction for a few weeks after surgery.  Take into consideration that your pet will be wearing an E-collar in the crate. For dogs, a good size is a crate in which your dog can stand up and turn around comfortably. Cats will need to be confined to a large dog kennel containing a litter box and food/water bowls following surgery.

Our clinic accepts all major credit cards, cash. We do not accept checks.

We accept two options for payment plans: Care Credit and Scratch Pay. Please let us know if you need additional information on these services.

Crowd funding can be a great way to help with the financial aspects of a surgery.
Below are links to some fundraisers.  People enjoy seeing x-rays and regular updates. Below are examples of what gets good attention on the sites.

Cricket The Kitty, Found In A Parking Lot
Pickles The Kitten, Emergency Amputation Needed
Cookie The Piglet, Found on Parmer Lane

Also, Share on your Facebook pages; friends and family can donate without an awkward “give me money” conversation.

We schedule surgeries Monday – Thursday.  You will drop off your pet in the morning between 7am -8am, and then pick up (the same day!) between 3pm – 4:30pm.  You will provide a deposit equal to the low end of the estimate provided to you in the morning when you drop off your pet.

If you have additional questions or we can provide further assistance let us know. Have a great day.