You will receive an email that includes information about your pet’s surgery, as well as how to take care of your pet once you take him/her home.

PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE DOCUMENT plus watch the video link.  There are instructions on medications, activity restrictions, etc., as well as typical situations that may occur and how to deal with them.

Click on your surgery to view the general post-operative care instructions. NOTE: These will not have details specific to your pet’s situation, such as medication instructions. Please contact us if you need your pet’s specific instructions resent to you.

Orthopedic Surgeries:

Amputation    Bandage/Splint Care    FHO    Fracture Repair w/ Splint    Fracture Repair w/o Splint    Pelvic Fracture    Lateral Suture    MPL    TPLO    TTA

Special for Cats:  Amputation    FHO    Fracture Repair wth Splint    Fracture repair (no splint)    Lateral Suture    MPL


Soft Tissue Surgeries:

Cherry Eye    Cystotomy    Ear Hematoma    Enucleation    FBO    Mass Removal    Spay/Neuter    Splenectomy    TECA

Special for Cats:  FBO    Cystotomy    Mass Removal    PU (Perineal Urethrostomy)


En Español:

Postoperatorio General    Cuidado de la Tablilla y Vendajes    Esterilización/Castración

Perros:  Amputación    FHO    Fracturas    Lateral Suture    MPL    TTA    TPLO

Gatos:  FHO    Fracturas    Lateral Suture


Discharge Videos:

Soft-tissue surgeries

Orthopedic surgeries

Instrucciones post operatorias: fractura con tablilla