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Thank you for completing our New Client Registration Form. 

We look forward to seeing how we may help!

If there are any existing medical notes or relevant diagnostics (x-ray images, blood work results, etc.) please email them to as soon as possible.

Please contact any veterinarian who has treated/is treating your pet’s condition and have them send us all pertinent records to Be sure to specifically ask them to include detailed medical notes plus all diagnostics, such as x-rays, blood work, etcetera.  Please note that we do not need your pet’s full medical history, we only need relevant information about the reason why the patient is being referred to us. Once we have received all the necessary information for Dr. Lewis to review your case, we shall contact you. In the meantime, please continue to follow all instructions given to you by the veterinarian who has been treating your pet.

Please allow 1-3 business days for our medical team to receive and review your pet’s case. Our business days are Monday to Thursday.