Not all procedures are listed here.  Contact the clinic for specifics.  These are general estimates only.  An individualized estimate will be provided after your consultation.

Orthopedic Procedures

(scroll down for soft-tissue procedures)

Amputation < 30 lbs$800$930Includes radiographs
Amputation 31-60 lbs$960$1190Includes radiographs
Amputation 61-90$1215$1380Includes radiographs
Amputation > 90 lbs$1560$1730Includes radiographs
Amputation – Toe$950$1200Includes histo, rads, bandage (culture is extra)
Amputation – Tail $750$900Includes rads. When not due to trauma – add histo ($149) +-culture ($130) = $279
Arthrodesis < 30 lbs$1550$1750Includes rads, epidural. ~$170 after care – 4 splint △
Arthrodesis >30 lbs$2100$2250Includes radiographs, epidural. ~$350 after care – 4 splint △
FHO Cat$1030$1120Includes radiographs
FHO < 30 LBS$1130$1565Includes radiographs, epidural Initial PT + 6 sessions
FHO 31-60 LBS$1280$1730Includes radiographs, epidural Initial PT + 6 sessions
FHO > 60 LBS$1465$1930Includes radiographs, epidural Initial PT + 6 sessions
FHO Anchor  Add $300 to low and high end
***IF CANINE FX OLDER THAN 7 DAYS ADD $200 on low end and $400 on high end****
Fracture – Pin & Wire$1000$1150Includes radiographs. Add $125 for pin X
Fracture – Screw + Pin$1300$1535Includes radiographs. Add $125 for pin X
Fracture – Cross Pin$1400$1625Includes radiographs. Add $125 for pin X
Fracture – Small Plate$1500$1735Includes radiographs
*Small plate under 10 lbs$1700$1930Includes radiographs (This only applies to canines)
Fracture – Medium Plate$1650$1840Includes radiographs
Fracture – Large Plate$1870$2165Includes rads (If difficult can be $2300-$2600)
Humeral Condyle $1700$2000Includes radiographs. Add $125 for pin X
Lateral Suture$1130$1300Includes epidural and initial PT
Lat Collateral + ACL (cat)$1230$1470Includes radiographs
Meniscal Release$800$930Includes epidural
MPL (Luxating Patella) under 50 lbs$1130$1355Includes epidural and Initial PT. Feline $1060 – $1200.

Bilat: $1800-2045. Over 50 lbs $1400-1655.

LS + MPL$1470$1695 
Screw Tail$1225$1570includes C&S + epidural
TTA$2140$2290Includes radiographs, epidural and Initial PT
TTA implant removal$800 Includes medications
TPLO$2400$2660Includes radiographs, epidural and Initial PT
TPLO XL >130 LBS$2590$2990Includes radiographs, epidural and Initial PT
TPLO Repair with pin~$620  
Ulna Osteotomy $1800$2060Includes rads (If difficult can be up to $2300)
Pin X $125 + meds (if KL not orig sx, + prof. fee $250)
Plate X$450-685 (meds, culture, chem, epidural- large p, cone?). Other surgeon: $1200-1375.


Soft Tissue Procedures

Anal Gland Removal – Single$1200$1400Includes histopathology (requires consult)
Anal Gland Removal – Bilat$1800$2130Includes histopathology (requires consult)
Cherry Eye – Single$790$850(minimum 6 months old). For rescues only
Cherry Eye – Bilateral$1240$1300(minimum 6 months old). For rescues only
Colopexy $700$1000(depends on p’s size and needs, high end for manx)
Cystotomy <30 LBS$1070$1335Includes stone analysis, radiographs.
Cystotomy 31-60 LBS$1285$1465Includes stone analysis, radiographs.
Cystotomy > 60 LBS$1370$1565Includes stone analysis, radiographs.
Cysto  + Prescrotal Urethrostomy   Add $200 – $500 to low and high end depending on weight category
Cysto + PU$1200$1650 
Ear Hematoma$900$1100 
Ear Hematoma Bilateral$1300$1550 
Enucleation – Single$960$1080Available for all patients
Enucleation – Bilateral$1540$1640Available for all patients
Entropion – Single$850$1000Available for rescues only
Entropion – Bilateral$1200$1400Available for rescues only
Foreign Body Obstruction$1500$2335High end for cats
Hernia – Abdominal $1000$1130 
Hernia – Diaphragmatic Dog $1100$1270Includes radiographs (Medical Emergency!)
Hernia – Diaphragmatic Cat$1180$1350 
Hernia – Perineal $1100$1550Consult (Includes epidural, colopexy and OC)
Mass Removal  Requires consultation
Mammary Chain$1100$1625 
Perineal Urethrostomy (PU)$1200$1400Incl. recovery supplies. Add $200 if chronic
Salivary Gland Removal$965$1200Consult if young patient
Soft Palate$1000$1270Requires consultation
Splenectomy <30 LBS$1140$1455Includes histopathology
Splenectomy 31-60 LBS$1275$1530Includes histopathology
Splenectomy > 60 LBS$1500$1640Includes histopathology
Stenotic Nares$1000$1270Requires consultation
Stenotic Nares + Soft Palate$1650$1945Requires consultation

Possible sedated consult

$1660$2180Includes C&S. Only 1 ear at a time, wait 6 weeks*. Only schedule on Weds or Thurs – 5d drain tube